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Earlobe Surgery (torn or enlarged earlobes)

Restoring confidence ...Bbr / Torn, split or enlarged earlobes are fairly common, resulting from trauma or from the frequent wearing of heavy earrings. Earlobe surgery is the perfect solution to make you feel good ... both inside and out.

Torn earlobes

How long will it take?

The procedures for torn or enlarged earlobes both take about 30-60 minutes.

What can I expect?

Earlobe repair is performed under a local anaesthetic in the minor operations room in Outpatients. Your consultant plastic surgeon can repair the defect in your ear numerous different ways. 
Following earlobe surgery minimal discomfort can easily be controlled with painkillers of your choice.
Sleeping upright and applying ice may be of benefit to help reduce bruising/swelling.
Sutures are removed (if not dissolving) in 5-7 days.
Bathing/showering is allowed so long as care is taken not to get the dressings wet and a hairdryer should be used on a cool setting only.
Sun block should be worn for 18-24 months over the affected areas as they will be prone to burning.
If the earlobe was torn, it may be possible to have it re-pierced at a later date.


Surgical - Outpatients

Treatment Duration Cost
Earlobe surgery for torn, split or enlarged earlobes - from £460 to £660